Panel I The Conflicts and Solutions between the U.S. and China in 2012

Trade tensions, domestic politics, Taiwan, North Korea, Iran, international security – the list of existing and potential conflicts between China and US runs into almost every important aspect of international political life. With the European economy still struggling and the Middle East in political turmoil, 2012 is one of the years when the world can least afford a major conflict between China and US.

However, 2012 is also a year when many of these conflicts are likely to become the major rhetoric of the US General Election, in the midst of strong sentiments of Republican protectionism. How can China and US avoid serious conflicts which might damage the weak global economic recovery? How can China and US cooperate with each other and lead the world to solve some of the most alarming problems? This panel will lead you to understand the recent developments in China-US relation and how we can solve the existing and potential conflicts.

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