Debate Competition

“Cross Pacific Perceptions” Debate Competition

The first “Cross Pacific Perceptions” debate competition is held within the second annual conference of US-China Forum at Yale. Students debaters from U.S.and China will debate over several existing controversial issues between the U.S. government and Chinese government. To better promote the mutual understanding, the  teams will take the opposite position of their government. Therefore, to win the competition, the debaters must understand the standings and reasoning of the opposing country’s position. US-China Forum at Yale is hoping this debate competition will encourage young people to rethink and rebuild their perception towards the country on the other side of Pacific. After all, we believe this is the foundation of mutual trust of the future.


Format & Rules

Four team with 3 debaters on each team will participate in the competition. Each team will debate with the other two teams from the opposite country. The Chinese teams will take the America’s side, and American teams will take China’s side. Each team will be evaluated by their performance on each round. The team gets the highest points is the winner.

All debates will be in English. However, the disadvantage of Chinese students debating in English will be taken into consideration in the evaluation.



This year’s teams are:

Peking University,

Tsinghua University,

Harvard University, and

Yale University


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