2015 Yale U.S.-China Forum

Introduction to Yale U.S. – China Forum

While some long-standing issues remain to be resolved between the U.S. and China, China’s fast-growing influence in the Asia and worldwide prompts the two nations to look beyond their discrepancies and seek sustainable bilateral relationship to tackle common challenges. Yale U.S.-China Forum focuses on a variety of cutting-edge issues in U.S.-China relations. Through extensive discussions and direct interactions with leaders and pioneers from various fields, the Forum offers unique perspectives to the Yale community and beyond to help develop “big pictures” of the world’s most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century.

2015: “Bilateral Relations In The New Era”


The past few years witnessed unprecedented advancement of the level of cooperation between the two “Major Powers”. In APEC China 2014, America and China jointly announced several key initiatives setting up examples for collaborations to come. On one hand, it’s the first time that a large developing country has agreed to limit its greenhouse gas emissions and that a new type of agreement called “pledge and review” is adopted; the two nations have agreed to share information on anti-corruption to hold criminals accountable; the consensus on global health epidemics prevention, etc.

On the other hand, however, the bilateral relationship has also been marked by growing tensions: With Washington’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) confronting Beijing’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), China and the U.S. are engaged in unspoken economic competition. In addition, the U.S. worries about an increasingly assertive China, while China suspects that U.S. pursues encirclement and containment. How will the relations between this two “Major Powers” evolve and what are the opportunities we should seize? We hope this forum can shed light on these questions and point to practical solutions.

Aims to achieve:

  • To provide participants an invaluable opportunity to directly interact with leading figures in various areas, and develop a clear understanding of the new directions in the U.S.-China bilateral relationship that the young generation should look into.
  • To serve as a bidirectional bridge on top of which Chinese and non-Chinese young generation can discuss pressing problems freely and meet with potential partners for future career takeoff.
  • To enhance the participation of Yale, as a leading university in the globe, into the development of new U.S.-China relations.

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